Course Enrolment

Enrolment is the process that all learners go through to register onto a course, during enrolment you will have an interview and/or assessment with a teaching staff to make sure that the course you have chosen is right for you. At this process, we will also check your exam certificates and discuss which course is suitable for you. Final stage of the enrolment process, you will be given information about your induction and timetable.

Funding Courses

We need to see current ID along with proof that you have been resident in the UK/EU for the last 3 years. Please choose from one of the below:

  • UK/EEA passport or EU ID Card and proof of 3 years’ residency in the UK/EU
  • Full UK Birth Certificate (with parent’s name/s listed) and a form of photo ID and proof of 3 years’ residency in the UK/EU
  • UK Certification of Naturalization or UK Certificate of Registration and a form of photo ID and proof of 3 years’ residency in the UK/EU
  • Travel Document and Biometric Residence Card/Immigration Status Document and proof of 3 years’ residency in the UK/EU
  • Valid UK Visa/Entry Clearance and Supporting Evidence
  • EEA Family Residence Card or Family Member of a Settled Person and Passport/Certificate of the EEA Family Member/Settled Person and evidence of their relationship to you
  • Biometric residence permit and Supporting Evidence
  • Residence Permit Vignette/Passport Stamp and Supporting Evidence
  • Immigration Status Document and Supporting Evidence
  • ARC Card and evidence of NASS support received (if you are aged 16-18, we will also need to see a current letter from your Social Worker)
  • Current Home Office letter (indicating your status) and a form of photo ID
  • Marriage Certificate, if you are in the UK/EEA on a spousal visa and your spouse’s passport and evidence that they have been resident in the UK/EEA for at least 3 years



If you are aged 19+ and any of the below apply, please bring evidence with you to assist us in assessing your course fees.

  • You receive Job Seekers Allowance (JSA), including National Insurance credits only
  • You receive Employment Support Allowance – Work Related Activity Group (ESA) (WRAG)
  • You receive Employment support allowance (ESA) (Not PIP)
  • You are employed and earning less than £20,572.50 annual gross salary
  • You receive Income Support – please see further conditions below
  • You receive Universal Credit – please see further conditions below

If you are in receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit and earn either less than 16 times the appropriate age-related rate of the national minimum wage/London living wage a week, or £338 a month (individual claims) or £541 a month (household claims) and you wish to be employed – or progress – into more sustainable employment, if you are earning less than amounts stated above – and your course is directly relevant to your employment prospects/local labour market needs


Please bring any of the following as evidence of your benefits:

  • A letter dated within 3 months of the start date of your course from the Benefits Agency confirming you are in receipt of one of the following benefits: – Job Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Income Support or Universal Credit
  • The current month’s bank statement showing the payment of the benefit into your bank along with the original letter from the Benefits Agency confirming that you are in receipt of the benefit.

Your proof of benefit must be in your name; your bank statement must have your National Insurance Number against your benefit payment from DWP.

For confirmation of your income, please bring:

  • A current employment contact that confirms your gross monthly or annual wages, if you have recently started a new job
  • Recent payslips dated within 3 months of your course start date; if you are paid monthly your last 3 months’ salary slips, or if you are paid weekly, your last 6 weeks’ salary slips

This information should also show your National Insurance Number.

Paying Fee Learner

If you are paying course fees, please bring payment with you to enrolment; we accept payment by cash and online bank tranfer

How to apply

We have a basket system that works like your favourite online shops, simply find the course you want to apply for and add it to your basket.

Follow the steps below to apply for a course

  1. Find your course on https://www.uklearningstation.com/
  2. Click on‘Add to Basket’ next to the course you’ve selected
  3. When you’ve finished adding, click onto‘Your Basket’ and select ‘Complete Application’
  4. You’ll be taken to our ‘Online Applications’portal – if you’ve not registered with UK Learning Station) you will need to click ‘Register’
  5. Follow the registration steps and then progress to complete your application
  6. We will get back to you with further information and enrolment date
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