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I surprise if it truly is largely cultural dissimilarities.

– [ זכריה קהת ] Zack. – ) 07:37, 28 Could 2018 (UTC)Two distinctive meanings are current:rn” in spite of the reality that ” implies ” bien que ” or ” quoique “, yes, and other phrases could even be included ” but ” does not suggest ” bien que ” or ” quoique “, but at least ” mais “. I can leave you some inbound links about all this if you wish. rn→ Revisions I would like you rollback:That seems right, but I was alternatively suspicious of a person changing translations on a essential term.

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I am going to restore to your model, but I might like if @For each utramque cavernam could validate. -Μετάknowledge discuss/deeds seventeen:02, 19 May well 2018 (UTC) I am Okay with these edits. The translation will generally rely on context although. -For each utramque cavernam 18:fifty two, 19 May well 2018 (UTC) I comprehend, I will create an account to minimize this kind of troubles.

Thank you! -seventy seven. 141. 95. 102 17:21, 22 May possibly 2018 (UTC)سلام ربات ها در wiktionary چه کار میکنند و از آنها چه استفاده ای میشود. Your ongoing requests for folks to use bots is very disruptive to editors who are essentially working on constructing the dictionary. If you do not end, I will have to block you.

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-Μετάknowledge examine/deeds sixteen:seventeen, 21 May 2018 (UTC)Hey Meta, were there edits outside of the 1 in their contribution log which prompted the block? Thanks – TheDaveRoss twenty:06, thirteen June 2018 (UTC)I you should not see any, but it was five yrs in the past, so I have no memory of the gatherings. GalaicoWarrior is evidently dedicated to their pseudoscientific hypotheses (as you must have seen in the ticket), so I continue being self-assured that this consumer is only going to squander our time. -Μετάknowledge examine/deeds 00:39, 14 June 2018 (UTC) That is likely the case, but an long term block for a solitary, probably excellent-faith edit with not other interaction is really undesirable policy. Can we consider interaction alternatively? I am eager to demonstrate that we avo >TheDaveRoss eleven:forty six, fourteen June 2018 (UTC) It is really undesirable policy, I have to agree. I am offering previous me the benefit of the question (that is, that I experienced seen anything else from this editor), simply because current me sees that it is abundantly apparent from off-wiki proof that GalaicoWarrior is not going to be a successful contributor.

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You can, of class, do regardless of what you like with your possess time, as long as you assure to clean up the mess if you unblock him (rather than depart the mess to those who specialise in the discipline and never want to offer with it). -Μετάknowledge discuss/deeds twelve:27, fourteen June 2018 (UTC) I also suspect that you experienced even more ev >TheDaveRoss twelve:forty three, fourteen June 2018 (UTC) @TheDaveRoss: I assume I found the proof I had employed when I blocked him: w:Special:Contributions/GalaicoWarrior. -Μετάknowledge go over/deeds twelve:49, 14 June 2018 (UTC) That absolutely does increase fat.

I am marketed. – TheDaveRoss twelve:59, fourteen June 2018 (UTC)On my chat page, you explained about building new Groups on Wiktionary. Beneath, in a subsection titled “3 new types”, i proposed a few new categories. Comments? Btw, i also propose types “en:Urine and urination” (or ought to it be titled “en:Urine” or “en:Urination”?) and “en:Creationism”. -Solomonfromfinland (communicate) 18:24, 18 June 2018 (UTC)rn@Solomonfromfinland: The next class seems unwanted the to start with and 3rd are possibly very good thoughts, but I am not positive what other people would think.

@Chuck Entz, not to foist this on you, but as somebody who’s probably a little bit superior at our categorisation composition, what do you assume? -Μετάknowledge explore/deeds twelve:forty seven, 19 June 2018 (UTC)I observed that you included an etymology for inkomo . I was pondering what the source is for that etymology? Smashhoof2 (discuss) 01:00, 19 June 2018 (UTC)

@Smashhoof2: I am sorry, I am unbelievably lazy when it comes to citing my resources.


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